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if sequestration happens? do you think the economy slows down? >> well, it will slow -- by all estimates, it will slow the economy down somewhat. there are differences among economists as to how much. but it will, of course, be contractionary and therefore it will slow growth, but there are a number of other things that are going on in economy that are pro-growth, so it will have a negative impact but there are other pro-growth elements which can be very helpful. >> it sounds like you're not that worried. >> i am worried because it does cause concern that we can't agree on the kinds of rational policies to deal with our problems and we have to revert to something that no one really wants, but they can't reach an agreement on something positive to avoid this kind of thing. >> the good news is that this economy is growing, the u.s. economy. >> i think the u.s. economy is recovering. the job is recovering. the energy boom is helpful. the housing market has bottomed out and beginning to pick up. balance sheets, consumer balance sheetsz, business balance sheets are doing well and exports are
in coming years of the baby boomers. do we need to cut it today with the economy still as weak as it is? no, we don't. the idea debt is a problem and manufactured -- chris: everybody get in on this. who gets hurt if we have a situation at the end of this month, march 1, where there's a huge cut in government spending. watch what happens and we lose a lot of pentagon jobs. a lot of people out of work. stop by and stores closed, supporting organizations and some contractors are out of work. who gets blamed, president or republicans in congress? >> in the end i think the president. we americans under this habit of thinking i think the presidents have too much -- deserve too much for a good economy and too much blame for a bad economy. what a president does is pretty important but not as important as sometimes other factors. chris: if we have a shutdown or second recession or something like it, double dip, who gets hurt? >> republicans believe your theory, michael, it's the president. the buck stops with him. fundamentally -- >> chris: he's the one scared of this sequester more than anybody it
government is actually capable of doing? i mean, you talk about the economy and jobs. there is, obviously, debate how many jobs have actually been created in the economy. look. you pointed out to apple ceo, tim cook was in the audience in the state of the union. he is sitting on over 171 million dollars in cash at apple. why? because uncertainty in the marketplace. tom friedman writing this morning something that caught my eye. he said you can feel the economy wants to launch but washington is sitting on the national mute button. we the people feel like the children of permanently divorcing parents. how does this sequestered business end? the president said during the campaign the sequester, the word for automatic spending cuts, he said it would not happen. is it going to happen? >> i always read tom friedman he has that good minnesota sensibility. >> you guys stick together. >> we do. the column today i think is continuation of that. frankly, i believe it's a continuation of exactly the plan the president laid out in detail in the state of the union on tuesday night. we have already made
economy just as opec cut some of its output. international sanctions are reducing the amount of uranium oil on the world market while here at home, refineries are shutting down for maintenance as they prepare to switch to a summer blend. then market speculation and a weaker dollar play a role. >> we have to work. so we keep coming to work every day. but you have to put gas in your car to come to work. >> reporter: 43 cents in a month. >> that was nbc's tom costello. >>> after the long holiday weekend you the president and congressional staffers will be back at work this morning but with only ten days to prevent $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. the white house says president obama will hold a news conference to address the issue this morning. nbc's danielle lee has the details. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: mara, good morning. the president will urge congress to agree on a deal that balances those pending cuts with new revenue to avoid hurting the economy and the middle class. mane while, congress is away on recess all week. when they get back, they'll have just four days t
the timing is not good for this. the economy is fragile, and all the money that is going into gas tanks, it would and could be going into instead groceries, maybe a movie out, maybe a dinner out. at gas stations across the country, customers are asking the same question. what could possibly send gas prices up 43 cents in a month? that's an extra $8.60 on a 20-gallon car. in chicago, more than that, up 70 cents in a month to $4.22 a gallon. at this station, $4.29. for taxi driver ray hubert, that's real money. >> it digs into my pocket. i pay for my own gas, nobody else pays for it. >> reporter: in los angeles, up 50 cents in a month to $4.28, some stations charging more than $5 a gallon. >> it doesn't make sense. we just left vegas. we went to vegas last weekend and the prices were like $1.50 less. >> reporter: from coast to coast, portland to portland, gas prices have risen every day for the last month. >> the rising gasoline prices is extraordinary for this time of year. we usually see this happen as we go into the summer driving season. >> reporter: what's going on? analysts sa
to go into effect one week from friday, cautioning if the effects occur, our entire economy will feel those effects. the president also taking some shots at congressal republicans, saying their ideas puts the burdens on the middle class. >> just ten days from now, congress might allow a series of automatic, severe budget cuts to take place that will do the exact opposite. won't help the economy. won't create jobs. will visit hardship on a whole lot of people. >> congress right now is currently on recess, which is of course drawing some criticism among voters, but insiders still say staffers continue negotiations despite their bosses being away. >>> investors meanwhile pleased with google as that company's stock price tops $800 a share for the first time. scott mcgrew says that's an all time high. >> another all time high. we've had a string of highs for google. that's the big story. google doing incredibly well. 800. that's a nice benchmark. just a nice, round number and worth mentioning. it's up about 1% today, so why the increase? well, perhaps it's because of this. "the wall street
in the roundtable part of the program inspect. they traded accusations from the economy to the dysfunction in washington. >> it's time for us to lean in again and hold these guys up to a higher level of expectation. you want to move the mouse, you got to move the cheese. we've got to change incentives in this country for good behavior not the kind we're seeing. >> i find it stunning, truly that this president and the democratic party continue to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruz or whoever the latest villain is. >> also every time newsome appears on "meet the press," it renews speculation that his still has his sights set on washington down the road of his political career. >>> president obama's chief of staff confirms that the white house has been working on its own immigration reform plan. republicans are pushing back hard and say they're waiting to see what a bipartisan group of lawmakers will be offering in the next few weeks. bryan mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: immigration reform is one of the very few
fiorina. they talked about everything from the economy and immigration reform to dysfunctional washington. >> it's time for us to lean in and hold these guys up for higher level expectations. you want to move the mouse, you got to move the cheese. we've got to change consensus in this country for good behavior. >> i find it stunning truly that this president and the democratic party continues to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruz or who aever the latest villain is. >> this ramps up the speculation he has washington in his political career. >>> the pope plans to step down in ten days. today's mass at the vatican was packed. more than 50,000 people gathered at st. peter's square today. that is double the number of people who attended just last week. pope benedict's final audience scheduled for a week from wednesday. 35,000 people have already requested tickets to that. he plans to go in retirement in vatican city. >>> here in the bay area, there are varying opinions on who should be the next pope. today in downtown san jose, some
the economy, but that does not take the ting out for the people who feel the pain at the pump the most. >> nothing, nothing i can do, i have to go to work. >> reporter: now one expert protected that last year there was political unrest that led to higher gas prices. 2013 on the whole though end up with a lower average price. maybe that means we get cheaper gas later in the year. >> thank you, we are learning new details tonight in the death of oscar pistorius's girlfriend, he shot his 29-year-old model girlfriend four times through the door in the bathroom. her skull was damaged and a bat is being examined. a privacy service will be held tomorrow. her funeral comes on the same day as pistorius's bail hearing. his family strongly denies it was murder. >> we have new details about what caused the fire on board the carnival cruise ship that left thousands of passengers and crew stranded at sea for days. an oil leak led to a fire in the engine room, the fire left the ship disabled at sea for five days. a tug boat finally pulled the ship to the port of mobile, alabama late last night. plent
. and there are big worries about how it will hit the u.s. economy. >>> his side of the story. an emotional oscar pistorius in court for the first time. what he says really happened the night his girlfriend was killed. >>> and the brazen diamond heist at the airport right on the tarmac. a huge game of deception, $50 million worth of diamonds gone without a trace. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams." >> good evening. >>> it's an explosive allegation, and it's what we've all been warned about for years since the dawn of the computer age. a u.s. security firm says over 140 targets in this country have been hit electronically by a branch of the chinese military. big companies, you name it, some of the best-known brand names in the u.s. but more troubling than that is the idea that chinese hackers could reach into american
are damaging to america's economy. >> another tech heavy hitter is talking. microsoft chairman bill gates is not satisfied with microsoft especially when it comes to cell phones. nonetheless he gave current ceo steve balm aerovote of can ha confidence saying the future looks good for the company that he started. >>> future oyster prices could be decided this week. the owner of the oyster company will be in court this weak to fight a federally imposed order to close the business. if the court does not grant an injunction, drake's bay will have to close by march 15th. some believe that will lead to higher oyster prices, lower quality and impact the environment because the tra transportation needed to import oysters here to the bay area. drake's supplies 40% of california's oysters. >> california's fishing industry appears to be on the upswing. fishermen are enjoying bigger hauls and raking in more profits. the news comes after conversation efforts that limited the catch for fishermen in recent years. while some were skeptical, they now see the benefits. it is good news for pacific coast tow
raise but will it help or hurt the economy? sam brock takes a look in tonight's reality check. >>> also, from spring training, trading in microphones. >>> a valentine's day tale for the ages. a local couple that became quasi heroes for doing the right thing. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center tracking this storm for tonight. we've had it all -- lightning, hail, low snow. more rain across the santa cruz mountains. we'll let you know how long that will stick around. if you're curious about how much rainfall we have had, anywhere from a quarter to over a half inch in the castro valley. >>> a valentine's day surprise that didn't come in a blue box or a vase. instead it came in a camera case. joe rosato jr. shows us there are more than just valuable memories inside. >> there's me. >> reporter: like so many other couples on valentine's day, carlos and barbara were looking for a little romance. >> it was valentine's day, february 14th. and my husband says, let's go to san francisco. >> reporter: so last thursday the vallejo couple drove to the golden gate
roof over his head but the economy sends him here. >> my ex-fiancee and i were buying a home less than a mile from here, and balloon payments and foreclosure and the bankers ought to be made to sleep out here a couple of nights just to see how we feel. >> wilson has been living offspring sfeet in san jose for a few months but now he and his neighbors have to go. >> there's a number of concerns we're worried about. the safety of the neighborhood, the environment, and the people that are actually living outside and having to endure this really, really cold winter. >> reporter: the city's homeless encampment czar says a partnership with various agencies is trying to find some sort of housing options for the homeless. including emergency shelters. >> i don't know where i'll go. but i will do something. >> the clean-up of encampments costs the city between $5,000 and $10,000 per day, depending on the size. then there's ray bram son's parttime salary, which is $8,480 per year. >> why not just post a ranger out here and charge campsite fees? mean, the city's screaming it has no money. i'll pa
. >> inflation nothing to worry about. i guess that gives us more freedom to fool with the economy. >> the government has tried just about every trick it can think of to get the economy going. think of them next to a wood pile trying to start the fire with a lighter, right? the risk is inflation. things taking off much faster than you expected. the latest numbers show that even with high gas prices, inflation not much of a factor. the feds have run out of ideas but this latest data shows if anyone can think of anything, it's probably the time to try it. >>> hewlett packard reports financials today. one of the few times i can think of there will be no big announcements. no big layoffs or other chaos. expect the expected. >>> one of apple's biggest critics asking apple investors to get on the phone with him at 11:00 a.m. california time to explain a plan to force apple to give up 160 billion in cash apple is sitting on. david einhorn wants to force a vote at next week's apple investor meeting. apple says it is willing to part with some of the cash but debating over how and when but w
, the theater says that would take out $9 million out of the downtown economy and leave a big hole in the arts community. >> you know, the arts are very often really sort of the reflection of a soul of the city. i think it's important to have groups like san jose rep. >> reporter: the rep's year to year fight has been going on for several years. in 2006, the theater almost shut down before the city stepped in and bailed out the rep at the tune of $2 million. an amount the rep will have to pay back over the next 25 years. >> it's really important. >> dan has performed on the san jose rep stage, and has also enjoyed watching shows from the seats. he says losing the rep would be a big blow. >> you take that away and it's another big building. you go there hoping to see some good theater. >> reporter: the san jose rep says it has an action plan to get the auditors off their back, mainly, building up a cash reserve of $200,000 every year. nichols says they will have $50,000 in the reserve by the end of the year thanks to foundations and other generous donors. but still, it will be a challenge. >> i
this looks to be similar to what people are criticizing republicans for doing on the economy or on spending on these various battles they have had over debt, which is trying to jam the president up. >> all right, david. we'll check with you later on "meet the press". thanks. >> thanks, lester. >>> it's been a public health issue for months. the air pollution over northern utah. that dangerous air is actually making the state a risky place to have a baby. here's mike taibi. >> the pollution levels in and around salt lake city have been bad enough to concern parents of school-aged kids. >> i sent a note to school telling the teacher please don't make him play outside at recess because i really worry about what he's breathing in. >> and prospective moms should worry too. high pollution levels have an adverse impact of maternal exposure to fetal birth. the link to pollution has not been confirmed. >> the two operations i just got finished with were operations for fetal demise, spontaneous abortions if you will. >> how bad does the air get here? in peak pollutions times there's always a comparis
of the sign contest is going to get a mug that's worth $5. >> $5 in today's economy, that's good. >> we give a few prizes, a few giveaways down the road. >> yes, we do. >> we might give a few things away right now. >> all right. we're going to play a little trivia. are you ready? here we go. there are bees around our drinks. >> you're so honey sweet. >> the sugar. i love you for saying we're so sweet. here we go. los angeles can boast it has more museums than any other city in the country. true or false? raise your hand. >> don't yell it out. what did you say? >> i said true. >> the answer is true. it has 105 museums. [ cheers and applause ] what did she win? >> no, i'm sorry. >> yes, you can. yes. oh. >> let's just live there for a minute. >> just for a moment. you mean that three-week best-selling "new york times" author hoda woman? >> thank you for wanting that. here's the next question. the california sky end center is home to the space shuttle. here are the choices, a, enterprise, b,flash, c, endeavor or c, orbiter. who's got the answer? endeavour? you are so right. all right. >> she is
accusations on everything from the economy and immigration reform to the dysfunction in washington. >> it's time for us to lean in again and hold these guys up to higher level of expectation. you want to move a mouse, you've got to move the cheese. we've got to change incentives in this country. >> i find it stunning, truly, that this president and the democratic party continues to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruise or whatever the latest villain is. >> currently raisie ining funds his re-election next year for lieutenant governor. >>> next at 11:00, a burglary suspect, what he left behind that led police right to him. >>> a bay area neighborhood on edge after two violent attacks. you might be surprised to hear what police are saying about a motive. >>> gas prices make a big jump. while oil analysts fear the worst is yet to come. >>> it's really sad because it's like the only men's tournament around. >> game, set, match. why the tennis tournament known as the s&p open is going away here inin the bay area. >>> san francisco po
, it's going to give us a sense of how people's feelings over the economy, their worries are potentially impacting their spend. carl? >> thank you so much. >>> a 45-foot fall caught on tape. this 17-year-old in santa fe was throwing snowballs from his ski lift when he lost his balance, dangling from the chair and then plummeted nearly five stories to the ground. the teen was air lifted off the mountain and taken to a local hospital, but he is doing all right now. glad he's okay. it is 7:15, back to savannah and willie in miami. >> got to put the bar down. >> put the bar down. >> thank you. >> mr. roker, busy time for you. >> it has been. the good news is our friends are getting a little break. but in the pacific northwest, another big storm coming in that's going to cause problems for the midwest late into the middle of next week. show you what we've got going on. in the pacific northwest, heavy rain, mountain snows, puget sound area, could be looking at anywhere from four to six inches of rain. snowfall in the mountains of the cascades, the sawtooth, bitterroot and sierr
. >> and concerns over flight delays. plus -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman. si silicon valley's economy is red-hot these days and thanks to what's going on here, so is the stock market. coming up, why some say the government could bring it all tumbling down. >>> we have two big stories tonight that have to do with your money. one, a red-hot stock market led by bay area companies, the other $85 billion in federal cuts set to go into effect in about a week. >> can one affect the other? for that we bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. scott, things are going well. is the government about to spoil things? >> reporter: that was the concern, jessica, until recently. after all, like you said, $85 billion in government cuts looming over our stock market, but if you look at stock market gains recently, you'll see they were fueled largely by gains in the tech industry. today, for example, the stock market rose to 14,000 at the close. google up to $800 a share. again, a big day for chip and biotech companies, even hp gained 12%. financial experts tell us no matter what the government doe
2006 across all sectors of the u.s. economy. this is the first time such a group has been tracked right to the doorstep of the people's liberation army. the shanghai group is not the first to be accused of cyber theft. >> it's scary. i mean, this is the problem. it's scarey. >> brian shields, a computer security specialist suspected the chinese of hacking into his company as early as 2004. he worked for nortel, a giant canadian telecommunications company. a success story, nortel made cell phone equipment and at its height the company employed 20,000 people in the u.s. >> how can you compete when the other guys aren't competing the same way. >> here's how shields says his company got hacked. a nortel employee saw, it was downloaded by brian mcfadden. >> he noticed that mr. mcfadden had downloaded some documents and when he got the email back and said i don't know what you're talking about. >> so it was mcfadden downloading documents, but it wasn't actually mcfadden. >> that's correct. >> hunting for the culprit, shields' team followed a string of digital clues that led them to the other
revenue he says to avoid hurting the economy and also middle class families. that's not a plan republicans support. lawmakers are not entirely on vacation. many of them are in their districts highlighting the impact that these cuts will have around the bay. there could be delays at the port of oakland in san francisco because of furloughs and thousands could lose military jobs. people here visiting the capitol voters from around the country tell me they're upset that lawmakers took the recess considering the deadline. confidence that they meet that march 1st deadline is dwindling. lawmakers agreed to the sequester back in 2011 thinking it would force them to compromise on a better alternative plan to cut the nation's debt and they have been having a hard time doing that. reporting live from capitol hill, i'm danielle lee. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> giants enjoying a nice off-season. you don't have to work out as much. you eat and celebrate championships. spring training is a chance for giants to get back in shape and tweak their performance. >> get back in it and for o
the economy, sending the dow to a 100-point loss. the s&p 500 and nasdaq suffering their worst loss of the year. the times has owned the paper for nearly 20 years, but over the past decade, its circulation has decreased by half, this, of course, as readers are flocking to the web for their news, back to you. >> thank you. >>> first came the arms, then came the bangs. michelle obama sticking by her ' 'do. this photo is a bit more intimate than her first portrait. that generated a lot of buzz because she showed off her beautifully toned arms. still has those pearls around the neck. she looks beautiful, as always. >> natalie, thank you. >>> did i hear you say nor'easter coming to town? >> yeah. i did. well, here's the deal. the european model -- >> we know you love european models. >> who doesn't, all right? we love american models, too, but the european model has been getting it done for us. here's what we're looking at. as we start friday, makes its way up off the southeastern atlantic coast and then comes out some time around the delmarva peninsula and pushes saturday up right along
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to act on the automatic spending cuts. >> they'll slow our economy. they'll eliminate good jobs. they'll leave many families who are already stretched to the limit scrambling to figure out what to do. >> on friday ray lahood warned the faa will have to furlough 47,000 employees which he says could slow air travel. the president says he'll meet with congressional members this weekend, republicans insist any plan should be based only on entitlement reform and spending cuts. >>> pope benedict continues to heat with world leaders before he steps gown next week. the pope met are italy's president this morning just with five days before he steps downl church. >>> the pentagon has grounded its fighter jets after a crack was found in the jet. the navy and marine corps versions will stay on the ground until engineers can figure out how it got there. >>> lindsey vonn recovers from knee surgery after the horrific crash. she says she doesn't think she should have been out on that course in the first place. in a conference call on friday, vonn said conditions were not safe. she's blasting race off
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Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)